You see?

Daunting, but I’m standing in it.  Like a puddle.  Here I am for all the world to see!

On the lip of technology by-passing my own personal comfort level?  Perhaps.  I used to be so gung-ho about learning about new tech and being the first kid on the block for things.  Now, getting older, it’s faster than even my own ADD brain can handle.  Or wants to.

So let’s begin.  Create a blog here and then scroll-scroll-scroll through the themes.  Think about what to talk about.  How to organize it.  What side of myself to reveal…or not!  Just how will casual chat and txt-ing differ from the flavour of a blog?  We shall see.  Stay tuned.

– C


2 thoughts on “You see?

  1. tarynebgb

    I like the name you chose, but i am curious about it. I am another newbie at this from JOURN 391. I’m all for collaborating, but I’m not sure yet who sees what we write yet. – Taryne

    1. cdaraghy Post author

      I’m a big music fan and thought of Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine” and the “machine” of Hollywood. Or the role one plays in society. I would probably write mostly about music or food or cars if I had to pick one theme, I figured a “machine” title would leave it more vague and open ended.


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