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I was watching a presentation in my public relations class, and there was a graphic about buckets.  It gave me a visual on how I can possibly organize some of my internet postings.

One hesitation I’ve had with rolling forward with Tweeting is that I am not sure how to package or batch my Tweets.  For example, I’m not a brand, I’m a person.  I would probably tend to Tweet about a variety of things.  Things of interest to me include a whole bunch of things, but, how do I Tweet and yet have some sort of cohesiveness?  Making statements that are relative and of interest, yet, have a sort of category about them.  Should I be creating hashtags within my own content that I’m sending out?

If anyone has any suggestions on this, please contact me via a reply here or tweet me/DM on @cdaraghy.

I would like to tweet about:  cars, packaging, products, reviews, music, concerts, class, school, being an adult student, cleaning products, food, restaurants, fragrance, notices of new Yelp posts, share pictures, notify a new Vine being created, share/retweet friends’ posts of interest, travel, hotels, beaches, “ask me anything”, healthcare, New England, pets, commercials, and whatever else tickles me.